Hi Ladies,

I know it’s been a little while since I posted anything so I wanted to catch you guys up. Sooo Brad and I are still going, after a whole year. Do you hear “We are the champions” by Queen playing? No? I hear it lol.

So we definitely aren’t perfect but he definitely has the stamina to handle me and my endless self evaluations, moods, crying and freak outs. He’s still here. Not to say he’s perfect but he definitely doesn’t cry as much as I do. Actually he doesn’t cry at all. Crying is just how I deal with stress. Am I alone ladies? Yeah? Okay, I’ll try to cry less.

So the current issue in our relationship is me being jelly about some girls at his work and me feeling like I don’t get enough attention. When is a girl not complaining about attention? Attention is like the bane of all BF’s existence everywhere lol. Sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me and then I like regret it. So basically I need to chill sometimes.

Brad is as cool as a cucumber and literally doesn’t think about half the stuff I do. Like he’s at work playing monopoly deal and I picture him, literally at a brothel. Not just like a normal brothel but like a game of thrones brothel. Boobs, dragons and Ale everywhere . Needless to say, he’s not doing anything but then I start to feel super jelly and annoyed.

So now I’m just trying to be chillest GF ever. Like I need to learn to need less attention and to just be okay with being alone for a while. I literally wanna talk to him all the time but if he’s doing stuff at work that isn’t realistic.

So this is it guys, I no longer require attention. At least that’s where I’m trying to get to. When I get to that level will I just ascend? A woman who doesn’t want attention? Never heard of her……. but I’m gonna try. I don’t want my BF to be constantly annoyed and feel as though I need like all this attention.

Being a girl that likes attention is hard.

Golden Rule: Try to chill on your emotions and stop needing so much attention.

Tips for guys: Forgive your girl if she freaks about attention, it’s literally how God made us. What can we do?


Time To Grow Up

Hi Ladies!

So this post is about being terrified. Brad and I are very happy together and are looking to make the next move. Which is running away and joining the circus! Jk Jk.

It’s moving in together. It’s getting a place together. This means buying a place. So like I already did that, but with my mom like 3 years ago. Since then, all hell has broke lose and my credit isn’t the best. I’ve had some pretty bad luck with accidents and cars which have led to my Credit Cards all being used. Saying all that, Brad is absolutely spotless. Not a drop of debt or shame to his name.

We are yin and yang, light and dark, tall and short…. you get it.

So tomorrow, Brad would like to go see a mortgage agent to see about purchasing a home. Needless to say, I am freaking out. I feel as though all my issues will lower our odds of having a great mortgage.

I’m also scared that Brad will see me in a negative light. I have shared some of my finances with him but it’s different when a professional lays it all out.

On the bright side, I know what I need to do. But do I have time? I want Brad and I to be on the same timeline. I wanna be his perfect Girl but Ofcourse life isn’t perfect.

Send me good vibes and good advice. I’m gonna hardcore pray tonight.

Tomorrow is gonna be hard.

Golden Rule: Credit Cards are the devil, stay away from them.

Tips for guys: Go easy on your GF and her debt. She’s trying her best.

Coordinates Of Love

Hi Ladies!

Brad and I just celebrated our one year anniversary this past weekend and it was delightful. It was about two weeks too early but we wanted to avoid high prices. We sauntered off to Vegas of the North! Yes, Niagara Falls. We gambled and Ate. Saw the Falls and Ate. Walked around a lot and did I mention that we ate?

Don’t you love a weekend getaway. I got to be day drunk with no judgement from anyone…. well except from Brad. I was literally drinking before noon in some cases. Anywhooo! I never get to drink because in my day to day real life, I have to drive everywhere.

Sooo there were gift exchanges and my gift was quite special. It was literally coordinates of love. It’s basically a cool astrological map of the night we met, with coordinates and a romantic poem from my man. What else can a girl ask for? I’ll post a pic below, so that you guys can see just how soppy and happy we are. Lol.

I know what’s on your mind! What did I get him? Why, I got him the greatest gift on earth! Me! Nope, JK. I got him a baby Groot planter, that I didn’t know was a planter until he told me but a planter none the less lol. I also got him a flash t-shirt. Yeah my gift wasn’t as romantic but hopefully he’s equally as happy! I’ll attach a pic of that as well. And yeah! I’ve been in a relationship for a while now. A relationship that is meaningful and is going somewhere.

Who would have thought? After all the drama right?

Also ladies, guess who texted me out of nowhere? As I’m sitting on the couch sandwiched between my boyfriend and his mother? Picky Eater! The guy who couldn’t decide if he wanted to be with me or not! (Read blogs from November 2017 to get all caught up).

It’s so weird, guys who have treated you like crap definitely have radar for when you are happy!

Oh well! He was just a blimp from my past. It’s crazy to think how much I have out grown him.

All in all, I’m quite happy with where I am in my love life. I have grown up and have made waaaay better decisions. I’m finally finding out what I’m worth. Though I should I have figured that out on my own, sometimes it just takes an incredible person to love you and to enlighten you.

Golden Rule: allow yourself to grow with every heartbreak, it’s hard to see while your in it; but you are getting stronger.

Tips for guys: Stop texting every girl you have dated in the past 5 years just because you thought of her. If she isn’t texting you, she’s happy. Just let her be.

Being 29 Sucks

Hi Ladies,

So I’m 29 years old and I graduated from school with my BA in HR and have about 5 years experience now. I’m working in a position currently where I am learning a lot but is completely un-enjoyable. I don’t feel accomplished or fulfilled when I get home, I just feel stressed out. I am now realizing that I am going to need my certification to get in a higher paying position. Or just a normal paying position, at least that’s how its looking these days.

But honestly, are we allowed to question what we want at this age? What makes me happy? Writing and singing. When I am doing those two things, I feel like I am doing what I was meant to do. They don’t feel like a chore or like something I would ever get tired of. But as we all know, those things don’t pay the bills according to our parents. Those things are just a complete waste of time.

I am just honestly trying to figure out if anyone is like happy with their job. Is being happy at your job too much to ask for these days? I know people who have great jobs and I’m literally just aspiring to get there. Only if being a writer was thing…….oh wait it is!

No golden rule or tips, just needed to vent.

The Art Of Love And War

HI ladies! There has been some major developments in my relationship and needless to say, you have to be caught up. Brad and I are approaching the one year mark, and at this point he is one of my best friends. I tell him everything and I can’t wait to tell him stuff as soon as it happens. He is apart of my life now, imagining life without him is hard. He’s helped me through a lot of tough times and is a strong partner.

On the other hand of this, I have a member of my family whom is at odds with Brad. We got into a situation where Brad thinks the actions of my family member is wrong and called him out on it. My family member decided that he wasn’t wrong and held his ground. The aftermath of that friction is that the relationship between these two are over. This sucks for me as any form of contention between your significant other and family is going to make family gatherings reeeaallll awkward.

Needless to say this caused some friction between myself and that family member.

If you’ve been following along with my blogs (If not, please go binge read), you know that Brad is my first real serious partner. It breaks my heart to know that, me finally being happy, means nothing to this particular family member. Regardless of this drama, Brad and I are going strong but it just super sucks.

Other than that, I find myself really missing Brad a lot throughout the week when we don’t see each other that much. At times I feel like I’m too much and I must remember to pull  back. I don’t want to scare him away or over whelm him. Do I want too much attention? Yes, yes I do, I want all the attention. Will Brad give me that much? No, he won’t and I need to adjust. I’m still learning and adjusting, please give me some time to get this right.

Golden Rule: When its Family Vs. BF, logic wins. Stick by who was actually right and time will work it out.

Tips for Guys: Don’t get into a fight with your GF’s family and if your GF misses you, its because she love you. Deal with it.

A Shared Life

Hey Ladies,

All your positive vibes worked as I’m in a far better place than I was in a couple weeks ago. I’ve currently taken on an interesting work opportunity where I learn a lot. For example I learned that if you are so overwhelmed at work that you’re about to cry, quickly run to the bathroom and cry. That’s it, that’s all I’ve learned.

No but seriously my job is intense. I’m literally just trying to keep my shit together while being swallowed by mountains of work. It doesn’t help that I work with some very nice people and a few office monsters. I’ll stop complaining because I’m learning how to adult the hard way. I hear that usually prepares you well for life and all it’s shit. Anyway I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop with what’s currently happening.

The love bubble however is not happening at work, it happens on the weekends when me and my hunny have sex marathons. lol JK. It’s more like walking dead marathons and hot sex in between. It’s been about 10 months that we have been together and I must say, It’s pretty refreshing knowing what a real relationship is like. Where no one is perfect and we have to grow and learn with both our faults.

Sometimes it’s so scary that it’s been so long but honestly I couldn’t imagine my life without him at this point. He’s my best friend and on the weekend he’s my stress reliever. He makes me feel safe and warm and like my life is full of all this brightness. When work brings me down which it often does, my hunny always makes me feel better, when we are together I call it our love bubble.

Love bubble….. yeah I’m corny now and I’m ready to settle down.

You know what he said to me like a week ago? Of course you don’t, let me tell you.

He said we “shared a life” which is the first time a human man has ever said that to me. Of course as soon as he said that I had a flash forward to a having two kids and Range Rover, but then I chilled lol.

Golden Rule: If you have to cry at work, run to the bathroom.

Tips for guys: If you see a girl urgently run to the bathroom at work, she’s either about to cry or has had a menstrual accident.

Send Me Some Good Vibes

Hello Ladies! Its been almost a month since I have posted and that’s just because my life is literally a roller coaster. I had another car accident, YES another one. How annoying right? I am trying to figure out why these things happen to me. I am just trying to stay positive and look to the future.

My sister sent me this quote today. “Adulting is like looking two ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane”. I literally never see half the things that are coming before they happen. Regardless, I’m hanging in there and is going car shopping this weekend. Do I have money for a new car? The answer is no……. but do I need a car? Unfortunately, yes.

So here I go, moving into the future with the hope that things will work out. Is being single hard? Or is being alive hard? I would say both.

Brad and I are still going strong. He calls me a goofball and we laugh so much. He is exactly what I need in my turbulent life. His  life is like a calm peaceful river while mine is a little boat in a ginormous storm. Lets hope the little boat was like built by Elon Musk!

All in all….. life is rough sometimes. I have got to keep my head up and keep moving.

Send me all the positive vibes you got, I could sure use it.

Love Plant

Hi Ladies!

So Valentine’s Day just passed and I actually had a valentine for once! We went for dinner and exchanged gifts. And there were candles involved. All very romantic and certainly made me feel loved.

I was gifted a love plant. A plant that I’m tasked with keeping alive as it’s a representation of our love. No pressure or anything. I’ll have to do my very best, it might be hard as I don’t have a green thumb or a green anything.

I had a wonderful night with my babe but sometimes I wonder…. how do we measure love? Remember that song by Michael Bolton? “When a man loves a woman” Que wind machine. Like I grew up thinking love was exactly like Michael Bolton said. When a man loves you, he’ll do anything for you. He’ll respect you, he’ll try to never hurt you. When a woman loves a man it’s exactly the same. She respects him and tries to never hurt him.

I hope love never changes. I want to feel like Michael Bolton is following me and Brad around everywhere we go. I want that old school love. I want love that is true and committed.

No golden rules tonight or tips. Just love each other. Let’s not let love change or mutate. Let’s keep it simple.

29 & Feeling Fine?

Hi Ladies,

Alrighty, so I’m turning 29 in like two days! I know, its scary times. My twenties are pretty much over. That could mean two things; I won’t be broke anymore and suddenly start to enjoy the thirty, flirty and thriving vibe  or I’ll start to have a third – life crisis. Stay tuned to find out which one happens! Hopefully the first one.

I’m having a super rocky start to 2019, I literally feel like a chicken with my head cut off. It’s super weird for a person that thrives on stability but honestly I will get back there soon. I’m just gonna watch 13 going on 30 like all year. If Jenna can make it, so can I!

So hows  Brad doing? He’s great! Have I ever mentioned his hobby before? So Brad is into video games, and board games and all games. He currently just got into Dungeons & Dragons. And yeah needless to say, its Me vs. D&D. D&D is winning lol. Maybe I could learn to play and we both win?

I have probably mentioned love languages before on this blog because I like really believe in them. Like everyone has different ways of loving people and different ways of interpreting love. So my love language is quality time and physical touch. Brad’s love language is ………. umm I have yet to figure it out. I even had him do a survey and the outcome was wrong. I think it might be words of affirmation and or acts of service but I’m not sure.

If you don’t know what the love languages are, they are 5 ways that people love according to Gary Chapman. There is even a book about them. Gary Chapman should sponsor me lol

  1. Quality Time
  2. Words of Affirmation
  3. Acts of Service
  4. Physical Touch
  5. Receiving Gifts

So I guess we just like need to figure out how we love each other and how our languages intertwine. Other than trying to figure out his love language everything is good. We’ve hit the sex sweet spot. We pretty much know exactly what we like and are not afraid to explore further.  The thing I love about him the most is that he’s a great communicator and whenever there is something bothering me or him, we always talk it out.

Golden Rule: Learn your love languages and then make sure they mesh well with your boyfriend’s.

Tips for Dudes: Maybe try to figure out what your own love language is, so your GF doesn’t have to. lol

I’m Ready For You 2019

Hi Ladies! It has been another great year sharing my relationships stories and adventures with you. Thanks so much for reading!

I have written many a self – reflecting, self – realization type blogs in the past and here is the first one for 2019.

I am about to be 29 years old and am just realizing now that I really need to change the way I think and think about my happiness. I feel like a lot of us girls put a lot of stock into relationships and that sways the way we feel about ourselves. I’m also guilty of this, but we need to know what makes US happy.

This year lets all find our happy place. Lets take some time to know ourselves and find our own joy. Our independent Joy.

I am very happy in my relationship with Brad. We are learning and growing as a couple. Getting to my own happiness and joy will only improve our relationship.

Golden Rule: Make this year about you and your happiness.

Tips For Guys: Find your happy place too, although i’m pretty sure most guys already know where this is!