My BF Is A Celebrity

Hi Ladies! I won something last week! What did I win? No it wasn’t the lottery, even though I wish! I won wristbands to the MMVA’s which is like the Canadian version of the VMA’s and it was awesome. I saw Artists like Halsey, Bebe Rexha, Meghan Trainor and Shawn Mendes. Who was the most talked about person on my Snap Chat? No, its wan’t Shawn Mendes…… it was my boyfriend lol.

I snapped a pic of me and Brad at the awards and he was pretty much all anyone asked me about. He was pretty much a celebrity that night. So he definitely stole the show. How are we doing? I would say pretty good. I still find him adorable, sexy and sweet….the trifecta. Its been 3 months since we started talking and it literally flew by. I feel like it was only yesterday that we had like just met and went on our first date but at the same time I’m so use to this person being in my life, it feels like he was always there.

Yeah, its been pretty good. When we are together we just laugh a lot.  We haven’t had any like arguments yet or anything. I guess we are still in our honey moon phase? I basically want to spend a significant amount of time with him but then I realize that I need to chill and let him have his space sometimes.

I’m really glad I met him and hope this awesomness continues. I deserve to be happy and so does he. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. (BTW Brett Kissel, a country music star was at the show and Brad really enjoyed that performance…. no surprise there lol)

Golden Rule: Enter more contests… you just might win!

Tips For Guys: Try to be adorable, sexy and sweet…… it’s working for  Brad.



Warcraft Vs. Girlfriend

So Brad loves Warcraft. Is this a problem? Like I don’t think it is. I mean I really wish Warcraft was a person that I could reason with and try to equally share Brad. Let’s just say this week Warcraft has been winning. How do I even fight with a game that has Elves and Trolls?! Like I wish I was into it, so that I could be entranced in the magical battle land as well.

So what do girlfriends do when they’re boyfriends play Warcraft? The answer is watch and pout or don’t watch but still pout.

I’m gonna have to get a hobby or something………..oh right I’m a blogger lol.

Golden Rule: Fighting against Warcraft is a fight you will lose.

Tips For Guys: You’re probably all playing Warcraft right now, aren’t you?

Brad’s Girl

Ladies! Its official, I’m Brad’s girlfriend. How did this happen? Well a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away…. no just kidding. I basically did the ” Sooooooo, its been two months, like what are we?” thing. To which he responded “You wanna be my girlfriend?” lol. I know very anti-climatic but he knew what I was getting at. He’s very intuitive that way. When most guys hear a giant “Soooooo” they usually run for the hills but not Brad. Though he usually responds first with an “Oh God”.

So yeah, what does being his girlfriend mean? It means I worry less about other women buzzing around him. (and trust me there are a few buzzers) Umm other than that nothing has really changed. We still hang out and have fun. Its awesome getting to know him because I think everything he does is either hilarious or adorable. Yes I’m still in my honeymoon phase. I’m sure he thinks I’m annoying by now because lets face it, I am.

We went to a drive in movie which you guys know from “My Top 5 Date Ideas” (Go read that post) is one of my favorites. It was super cool but there were also a lot of mosquitoes. Other than that a magical night under the stars. We made  like a little bed in his trunk. I super wanted to jump his bones but he just really wanted to watch the movie. I mean what kind of guys does that? lol.  A guy that really likes Mission Impossible, that’s who. Also my boyfriend. Yeah I’ll be saying that a lot now.

Side Note: Is Tom Cruise aging slower than the rest of us? Does Scientology have a magical fountain of youth type potion? Or is that potion actually just called money? Just some food for thought.

Anyway back to my boyfriend and I. Okay I’ll stop. Yeah we had a bumpy start but things are going pretty smoothly. Not hoping for anymore curve balls but what is life sans curve balls right?

For the first time ever I find being in a relationship is easy. Am I going to have to change the name of my blog? We’ll seeee.

Side Side Note: Beyonce and Jay Z are calling themselves The Carters now. Just thought I’d share.

Golden Rule: Date an intuitive guy if you can, it makes your “Sooooo” questions way easier.

Tips for Guys: Be Intuitive and take your girl to the drive in duh!