Hi Ladies,

I know it’s been a little while since I posted anything so I wanted to catch you guys up. Sooo Brad and I are still going, after a whole year. Do you hear “We are the champions” by Queen playing? No? I hear it lol.

So we definitely aren’t perfect but he definitely has the stamina to handle me and my endless self evaluations, moods, crying and freak outs. He’s still here. Not to say he’s perfect but he definitely doesn’t cry as much as I do. Actually he doesn’t cry at all. Crying is just how I deal with stress. Am I alone ladies? Yeah? Okay, I’ll try to cry less.

So the current issue in our relationship is me being jelly about some girls at his work and me feeling like I don’t get enough attention. When is a girl not complaining about attention? Attention is like the bane of all BF’s existence everywhere lol. Sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me and then I like regret it. So basically I need to chill sometimes.

Brad is as cool as a cucumber and literally doesn’t think about half the stuff I do. Like he’s at work playing monopoly deal and I picture him, literally at a brothel. Not just like a normal brothel but like a game of thrones brothel. Boobs, dragons and Ale everywhere . Needless to say, he’s not doing anything but then I start to feel super jelly and annoyed.

So now I’m just trying to be chillest GF ever. Like I need to learn to need less attention and to just be okay with being alone for a while. I literally wanna talk to him all the time but if he’s doing stuff at work that isn’t realistic.

So this is it guys, I no longer require attention. At least that’s where I’m trying to get to. When I get to that level will I just ascend? A woman who doesn’t want attention? Never heard of her……. but I’m gonna try. I don’t want my BF to be constantly annoyed and feel as though I need like all this attention.

Being a girl that likes attention is hard.

Golden Rule: Try to chill on your emotions and stop needing so much attention.

Tips for guys: Forgive your girl if she freaks about attention, it’s literally how God made us. What can we do?