Miss Me?

Hello Ladies & Gents!

My Goodness, hasn’t it been a while? Am I retired? Did I win the lottery? Am I having a mid-life crisis? At least one of those are true. It has been a very long time and there is so much to catch you up on. I mean there was a whole pandemic, which we touched base on but man so many things changed. First of all, the most important and amazing thing happening in my life right now is that I am engaged! Yup I said it! I fooled someone into loving me lol, just kidding. It was just lots of love and hard work that got us here and yes I am engaged to Brad!

Now that we got the big announcement out of the way, I can tell you how to rest of life is going. Well for starters, I am living in one of the most expensive cities in the world and as a home owner we are feeling the crunch. Honestly, Brad and I are in a good spot and are lucky we got into the market when we did but we are realizing how hard adulting is. Half the time we can’t do the things we want to do because we have to save money for the things that we are supposed to do. Like stuff for the house and groceries. Like I totally cook 80% of my meals which is new and different for me. Life is lifing right now (I made up a word).

I also girl bossed a little too much and have landed me a role with a lot of responsibility. All of this responsibility sometimes crushes me and I wish I could go back to being like 18 and listening to the new Lindsay Lohan album, but nah too late. Life is so different now and it happens so quickly. Do you remember all the things your girl did over the course of this blog? She is just a working fiancé now, making safe choices for her future. How did I get here?

Am I constantly looking for meaning and fulfillment in my life? Yes. My job is just a job, its not anything that I aspire to or anything. This fact is like slowly killing me as I always saw myself doing something that added meaning to the world. Well the good news is, there is still time. I can still move to a small town an start a new life and who knows? I just might do that. Other than that, there is nothing too exciting happening, just planning a WEDDING! We will get into my adventures of wedding planning another time. Let’s just say I am learning a lot!

All in all – life is grand and crazy. I am also at the age where I am realizing that people are the worst – of course there are kind and loving people out there but man will people blind side and hurt you. I know this is a weird note to end this on but this is my major finding over the past year. So much of life is yet to come and I can’t wait to bring you all along for the ride!

I’m back baby!

Golden Rule: Take a slight hiatus from the thing you love most – when you return, it’s spectacular.