Summer List

Hi Ladies!

What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer? Do you enjoy biking, hiking, or going to the beach? Everyone has their list of things that they absolutely need to do every summer. On my list is of-course the beach.

I loooove the beach. Sun, snacks, music and water. I’m Aquarius I love water! I need to swim lol. I think I’m part mermaid. Regardless of that, I really don’t get to swim very often. This my obsession with the beach. I’ve been to the beach once already this summer, but ofcourse I neeeeed to go again.

I asked my hunny buns Brad if he wanted to go and then I found out that Brad absolutely hates the beach. It’s not his thing but it’s definitely my thing. I also drag him to family events and such. I’m just wondering if I want too much.

Do I want it all? Do I want too much?

Sometimes I fear that I require soo much time and attention from Brad. I’ve never thought of myself as high maintenance, but am I? I’m re-evaluating myself lol. As usual.

I do feel rather shitty when I feel like I’m pushing my agenda on him. In this case I don’t want to push him away, so I need to chill right?

Golden Rule: Enjoy your BF for who he is and try not to want it all.

Tips for guys: Understand that girls have a summer list and they kinda need to do it all.


Summer Summer Summer Time.

Hi Ladies!

I know I haven’t been writing much lately and that’s not good! Life is definitely getting in the way of my juicy relationship stories.

What’s been going on with Brad and I, you ask? He has been getting to know the family. He has been to several family events and he is now very familiar with members of my clan. They like him too but is he getting overwhelmed? Yes. Can he remember everyone’s names? Nope, but that’s natural. To be honest he’s only met less than a quarter of my family. I’m easing him in slowly. (That’s what she said)

We officially had a talk with my mom about buying a house together. She was pretty chill about the talk but I can tell she is melting inside like butter in a microwave. She is scared for her baby girl to leave her, live with a man and for me to be on my own. She’s also scared to be on her own. Who can blame her? These are all completely rational fears.

I’ll keep you posted on how and when buying a house with Brad goes. Who knew we would get here? Time sure flies when you are dating a committed, loving man. Remember in my earlier blogs when I thought this wouldn’t happen? Yeah me too. He’s not perfect but I love his imperfections. I’ll talk about those in another post. Lol.

Ladies, there is Hope yet.

Being single is still hard I’m sure, but I’m not single anymore. I don’t wanna jinx it though.

Golden Rule: If you want to buy a house with your lover, try to not already buy one with your parent.

Tips for guys: Commitment is everything. Girls love a guy who can commit.