Sweet Nothings

So ladies, Happy New Year first of all! Glad to be back! There were some serious progressions in my dating life so let’s get right to it.

I thought I found him ladies! I thought I was about to have a boyfriend… I thought I was about to have a Christmas boyfriend, a new year’s kiss, a date for valentines, and a 6 month anniversary at least. I was contemplating abandoning this blog because I would no longer be single. I could stop being harassed by strangers on online dating sites. I really thought this was it! But of course, life does not work that way. Life actually very much likes to get your hopes up and then it dumps  you two days before Christmas. Well life didn’t do that, a guy did.  You can probably already guess that my relationship ended like an episode of the bachelor when that overly dramatic girl does not get a rose and just sits on the sidewalk and cries on camera for an hour. There were tears and maybe a little bit of vomit… that’s how hurt I was, but let me start from the beginning.

Have you ever met a guy online that you just clicked with…… no?…. yeah me either, until this guy. He wasn’t a perve, he didn’t ask to meet up after three sentences, he actually talked to me like a human person and he was super interesting. So here I am the hopeless romantic, stunned that I have met a gentleman. So what do I do ladies? I lock that shit down, or at least I thought I did. I let our convos naturally progress, then I gave him my number and then within a week and a half we were on our first date.

That first week was like heaven, I got the sought after morning texts! We talked constantly throughout the day, wanting to know as much about each other that we possibly could. Well at least I wanted to, because I was so into this guy. I thought he was so cool, and of course he would say the absolute sweetest things to me. He said I was beautiful, pretty, desirable and the perfect woman. I mean which girl can resist that?  On our first date I met his mom and his dogs (don’t ask how or why, let’s just say I went with the flow).  Everything was perfect. I thought maybe I could be honest and not play by normal dating rules because he was definitely boyfriend material.

We talked for 3 weeks and I will admit I was falling……. probably flat-out fell on my face. I thought he was feeling the same. So I was super surprised when my “boo” called me on December 23rd, to let me know that he had some “bad news”. Not that he would ever read this but babe never start a breakup with “bad news”; I thought someone died for Pete’s sake. (Where does this expression come from, who is Pete?)

He said a girl that he was seeing before, that had moved away suddenly moved back. He said that he was meant to be with her and that it is fated for him and her to be together. He literally used the word fate. (Eye roll) I don’t what I was more devastated about… the fact that he was telling a girl that saw a future with him that he was in love with and supposed to be with someone else or the fact that I would now have to start all over again trying to find a guy on bloody dating sites.

Needless to say I felt like road kill. I cried for about a week. I guess I was mourning the loss of my self-esteem. He literally threw me out like a piece of trash when this other girl moved back. Maybe I was just a stand in. Maybe all the affection he was showing me was actually what he was feeling for her. He swore to me that our three weeks were not a lie and that he meant every word that he said but he keeps insisting that he is meant to be with another.

At this point, I have no idea what to believe. I would love to think that he actually cared about me, but then I just figure you don’t dump a girl in that manner if you actually cared. I summed up all the things he said to be sweet nothings (gave new meaning to that Calvin Harris song.). This guy had me stumble through the holiday season like a heartless zombie; even my mom noticed I was being weird. Anyway I have now reclaimed some semblance of self and is proudly back out there trying to find someone true. It’s going to be like pretty hard though for another guy to get close to me after this traumatic event. I absolutely hate it when one person ruins it for everyone else, it’s exactly like when that annoying kid pees in the pool on that super-hot summer day (gross).

Golden Rule: Guard you’re heart and try not to fall too fast!

Tips for Guys: I literally have none, just a question. You can’t all be heartless…. Can you?