What The Future Holds

Hello Ladies,

It has been a while since I’ve updated you guys. I have literally been so busy with my new job and Brad, but don’t worry. You are about to get filled in.

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada, so I just wanted to say have a happy Thanksgiving everyone. Even though family can be a massive pain, they are still your family. Lol.

So Brad and I are actually having to attend two Thanksgiving dinners because our families are hosting them both on the same day. So needless to say, I will be gaining 5 pounds today.

Speaking of Brad, it’s soon to be a year and half of us being together. We still make each other laugh and sometimes it feels like we haven’t even been dating for that long at all. Time sure flies when you are in love. I have mentioned this in the past but we are looking to buy a house together.

My mom is more on board with the idea now. She is happy to let her little bird leave the nest. Now it’s just all the logistics. Like when we would do it and where we would live. Trying to find something in our price range. Ugh, I hate being an adult.

We have gone to look at a few houses and Ofcourse I fall in love with the over the top out of price range kind of houses. I need marble counter tops, 4+ bathrooms, and stainless steel everything. Is that too much to ask? In the greater Toronto area right now, yes that’s a bit much.

Anyway, I’ve prayed about this and is trusting that our dream house is out there somewhere. We just have to keep looking and make sure we are ready to strike when it’s found.

Other than that, life has been pretty chill. Just making huge life decisions over here. I am very thankful to have met the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. Finally! Right?

Golden Rule: If you are looking to buy a house, don’t look at anything above price range. It’ll just make you yearn for things you can’t have.

Tips for guys: If you find someone you want to live with, go for it. Chances are she is ready and waiting for you to ask.