The Art of Ghosting

Ghosting is a tricky beast. When should I ghost? Who should I ghost? The answer is never and no one. The real question is “what would it feel like if I were ghosted?”. Needless to say through my horrific online dating experiences I have been ghosted multiple times. I try my best not to ghost people because I don’t think it’s fair. This person actually liked you enough to speak with you, so unless this person is giving off a serious Freddy Cougar vibe please politely decline. The worst type of ghosting is when you have been actively texting a guy for maybe two full days and out of nowhere he unfriends you on Facebook and never replies to your messages.  Its like “what the heck did I do? I just asked what you were having for dinner.”

If you are online dating and you say you have not been ghosted or have not been the “ghostee” (new word, patent pending), you are totally lying. Even I, the self-righteous blogger have ghosted. But only when things have gotten really weird. I try not to ghost until it’s absolutely necessary. Cases such as these:



Third Person2


Golden Rule: Ghosting is bad until absolutely necessary.

Tips for Guys: Stop being weird, sheesh!


The Notebook Theory

So my biggest fear in life is being the widow from the Notebook. You know the one… the lady that is sleeping with Noah while he isn’t with Allie. I believe her name was Martha Shaw.  What if everyone else’s life including my ex boyfriends is their own personal version of the notebook. Ever feel like everyone out there is finding their true love while you are stuck being Martha Shaw? The widow that was the dinner making, sex having pit stop for Noah until Allie came back. So this is a pretty dark theory based on some personal issues (see previous post “Sweet Nothings”).

For some reason I think that I met and lost something special because my ex, (let’s call him “Noah”) is off being in-love with someone else and its posted all over social media. Sure it’s up to me not to go clicking but who can really resist. I need to see their life and if they are happy even though it tortures me. Has anyone ever been through this?

I mean where are the nice guys? Who actually mean it when they say they want a relationship? Are we meeting the nice guys too late and they have already fallen in love with someone else? I leave you with a sweet yet a little creepy message I received on my dating App. If only this guy was normal. See message below.

Golden Rule: Trying to figure out your love life may lead to some weird theories.

Tips for Guys: Please, Please! If you are in love with someone else, don’t go on a dating site claiming that you are looking for a relationship.