Delicate Dance

Hi Ladies,

If being single is hard, being in a relationship is even harder. It’s a delicate dance of do we or don’t we. This relationship that I’m currently in is by far the most significant one that I have ever had with any other partner. And sometimes it’s just not what I expect.

I watch Rom Coms where things are constantly romantic and where your partner should be like the person who’s company you most enjoy.

No where in the Rom Com is there a part about not being able to sleep comfortably with your partner or like needing time a part. Or like being confused about when it’s appropriate to spend time together and when to spend time apart. Or just like feeling like you’re on the same page but different paragraphs.

I need to learn but honestly I can’t get the gist.

Here’s me, looking myself in the mirror telling myself I need to change. I need to be okay with certain things and I need to not let every little thing make me feel crappy. I need to get busy, I need to work out and I need to feel valued by myself.

Golden Rule: Sometimes, you need to have an honest talk with yourself about what you want out of a relationship and if it’s reasonable to have.

Tips for guys: If your girl wants to cuddle, freakin cuddle.


2 thoughts on “Delicate Dance

  1. Hey Girl,
    I’ve been MIA for pretty much the whole of Brad and your relationship and I am so happy to see you two still together.
    Just remember his with YOU, no one else, he chose YOU to be in a relationship with and you need to stop tormenting the both of you by getting into your own head about other females in his life.
    I have a number of male friends and have been on the other side of a girlfriend feeling like I am trying to steal her man, and/or doesn’t like the attention their man is giving me. Trust me it doesn’t help and can kill something that was amazing.
    You’ve said it yourself, your smart, sexy and sweet, you have nothing to worry about!



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