The Grammatically Oblivious Guy

Ladies! Just how many times have you scrolled through a guy’s dating profile and find these spelling mistakes that make you wonder “Am I desperate enough for this?”…. “will he be able to actually have a conversation with me?” ….. is there a profession known as ‘Head Cheaf’ and am I just not educated enough to have heard of this profession. I want to let you know that you are better than these grammatically oblivious men. If you are able to write a well put together, witty and cute profile so should they. I mean are we just going to let society dictate that men are lazy , meat headed morons who can’t string a sentence together. I beg to differ…. i.e (insert smart guys names) . These guys that we are expected to date right now in 2016 just think that this is what we deserve, or that our standards are so low that we should just accept anything.  They can spell a million things wrong and we should still go out with them. Well I say nay. A man that cannot spell is equivalent to a man that will not open the car door for you, a man that will not shower, a man that will have second thoughts about paying for dinner, and most definitely a man that you do not want to date.

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