Being In Love With A Capricorn

Hi Ladies,

Did I ever mention to you guys that Brad is a Capricorn? Well, yes he is. He is the first Capricorn man I have ever dated and by far the most exciting.

Brad is very composed, so composed that I never know what he’s thinking unless he tells me. I find myself googling “Capricorn men traits” to assist in figuring him out.

Apparently Capricorn’s like independent women. So that’s good for me but the issue lies in when he needs space, or is busy or is distracted and then I literally feel all out of sorts. I’m used to guys wanting to talk to me, constantly wanting to see me but this relationship is totally opposite.

It’s been over a year and obviously things are going to be different from when it started but now I just need to understand him. Remember the love languages? I still haven’t figured his out. Lol

It’s not touch, it might be quality time but like not all the time. It might be acts of service but not all the time lol. He is literally a paradox.

I’m completely in love with him and I know him inside and out but his emotions are totally masked sometimes. Sometimes I feel distance between us but he doesn’t feel it. I’m literally the type of girl where if I feel distance all my alarms start going off and I constantly feel on edge because I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on.

I don’t think he does any of these things on purpose it’s just his personality. So I’m trying to figure it out. I’m literally so open and transparent that it’s probably my weakness. I tell him everything I’m feeling constantly.

Now I know some ladies are going to say “Don’t ever tell a man everything!” Which is what my mom says but I’m all about being open and honest.

Anyway that’s me ranting about my Capricorn man. Tell me about yours!

Are they all the same? How do we know what they are thinking or feeling?

No golden rule this time girls. I need your advice!

P.s. Please see below a link to a Capricorn guide below. It’s helped me a lot.


Things That Girls Do….

Hi Ladies,

So this weekend was quite interesting.


Absolutely wonderful. Work sucked but then after I got to see Brad and we ordered pizza and we had amazing, passionate sex. I felt so close to him, physically and emotionally. I love when we connect like that, it literally re-affirms that he is this amazing human and I am so happy he’s all mine.


On this particular Saturday Brad had to work until 4 PM, when he normally works  until like 1 PM. I was pretty bummed on his behalf because I would hate to have to work my whole Saturday away. So when he’s at work, he gets busy and of course being busy = not much attention. Me being an attention hoarder has had to get use to that overtime. I am fairly aware that I require more attention than most. I’m working on that lol.

So at times when he’s at work and not paying attention to me or at least less than the usual amount. Or even texting me back but not like anything engaging, it usually has to do with his company at work. Brad works in a female dominated field and much of his co-workers are women. I am sure I have mentioned this before lol. Since I have been in a relationship for a year; I would like to think that I have matured, have become less jealous and is just generally all around a bigger person. I will try to describe this situation with some sophistication.

I have noticed over the year, that when Brad is working with one particular co-worker is simultaneously when his attention is less engaging. We have had chats about this co-worker and she seems to be a subject of contention in our relationship. Brad has known this girl for a long time and when they get together they have tons to catch up on and talk about. They have a lot in common and rarely get to work together. They share relationship problems and give each other advice and things of that nature. In this scenario, is it fair for me to be jealous or dismayed that when he works with her he is simply having more fun that other nights and that leads to me not getting the standard attention that I’m use to?

Needless to say, we got in a fight about this. The fight was mainly because I didn’t know he was working with her but I did notice him being disengaged. Then when I found out that coincidentally he was working with this lassie, I became enraged. Am I insecure? Maybe… she’s been in his  life a long time, they have a lot in common and she’s blonde.

So we got into a fight right before we had to go to a backyard movie night planned by one of my friends. We tried to resolve it before we went and we did come to a solution. The solution is that I need to be more understanding that on these particular instances I will most likely get less attention, and that Brad will actively make an effort to give me the same level of attention.

We went to the party, had a good time and left.


Woke up together, I was still having fight flashbacks. So, do all girls do that thing where they re play every bit of a fight in their head, even though the argument is over and it should have been resolved?  I literally replayed everything that was said a million times and started feeling crappy about it all over again. I then started feeling insecure, wondering why this particular person is able to engulf so much of Brad’s attention. In the end I just needed a girls day. I hung out with one of my friends and I just felt better after stepping away from the situation.

I’m in love with Brad and as of right now, he’s not only my boyfriend, he’s pretty much one of my best friends. I tell him everything. I depend on him for guidance, company and affection. But is that too much? I’ve  decided to just reign it in for a while. I am working on my attention issue. I hate being jealous or feeling like I’m sharing him at any point but I have to be rational. I have to understand that he really likes this girl as a friend and that their interaction is not inappropriate in any way.

I have to be mature about this.

P.S. When this girl confesses her undying love for him for always being such a good friend, I will definitely let you guys know.

Golden Rule: If your significant other is giving you less attention at times, try to understand it.

Tips For Guys: Give your girl attention. Trust me, it will make her a happy clam.