Go With The Flow (Yes I’m a Hippie Now)

Hello Ladies!

I know the question on all your minds…. When is Game Of Thrones coming back? Well the answer is next year sometime so booooo! But what can we do? Nothing right? Thus we go with the flow. That’s what I’m doing in this new and interesting relationship that I’m in with country music start Brad Paisley. JK, just his nickname.

Nice Segue huh? I know thanks.

Things are going smoothly so far, at least from my perspective. Everything he does is super cute to me, but that’s what being a girl is like for the first  few months. We think everything they do is awesome lol. We see each other often which I like, IDK what he’s feeling though as I can get quite annoying which you all know. Honestly no complaints!

I’m literally just going with the flow because what else am I suppose to do right? I literally have that song “Meant To Be” by Bebe Rexha on replay. If its meant to be it’ll be……I really do like him though and can’t wait to see where it goes. Hoping its going somewhere awesome. I’m totally cool, as cool as a cucumber… in the fridge. Currently still not GF BF and that’s cool. No anxiety at all about that lol.

Remember the 50’s when you’d meet a guy in the park. Walk with him in the park 2 times, have Ice Tea on the porch twice,  he’d meet your parents and that was it. Your married! No you don’t remember it? Yeah me either I was born like 4 decades after but Grandma always did say times were more simple then.  They would call your guy your “gentleman caller” back then. So classy lol. Am I in the wrong decade?

Anyways, Optimism lol. Last time I was this optimistic was the winter Olympics and it paid off. TEAM CANADA for the win!

Golden Rule: Just go with the flow and chillout.

Tips for Guys: Keep being transparent, chicks dig it.




On To The Next One

Hello Ladies! I haven’t posted in a while and I apologize. I have been busy, but not in a relationship busy so don’t worry. Your girl is still single and V-day is still a problem.  It’s on Wednesday! Boooo! I am wondering if I can go through that entire day and just pretend that nothing’s happening? Yeah probably not.  I have too many friends that are loved up for that one. Instagram is probably going to be a barf fest but I digress.  I need to start loving love even though I am really bad at it and it doesn’t seem to love me back.

What have I been doing you might ask? Fighting with my insurance company, which takes a lot of energy I might add. We are debating Jasmine’s fate. (My Car) Other than that , I have been whining like a baby about being single and that no one likes me. That’s takes a lot of energy too. My friend at work whom I torture with my complaints (sorry girl) literally told me that I need to stop Back tracking. She said “Leave them all behind, and just say on to the next one.” And you know what she is right. When I backtrack nothing good ever comes of it, like ever.

This week I backtracked with Picky Eater a bit. I know! The horror, the shame! It doesn’t matter because nothing came of it. I literally wanted to be with him again and he literally said no, no progress was made at all. He is now in the dust.  (Another one bites the dust)

I am officially on to the next guy. No more wasting time. My biological clock is ticking! Is there a next guy you may ask? The answer is yes. I am not ready to unveil him to the world yet. I am keeping him hidden away like he’s the next iphone. The one that can finally cook you dinner and comes with a live robot of Siri. Yeah that definitely sounds like an episode of Black Mirror.

Being Single is hard when your biological clock is ticking so loud you can’t hear yourself think.

In the meantime please take a look at some of the really nice messages I have been getting on POF. There are some real charmers out there.

Golden Rule: Don’t look back, just move forward.

Tips For Guys: Leave your ex-girlfriends alone. Let them get over you.

bobbyCurvy or Busty

99 Problems and V-Day is one!

Hi Ladies, A lot of not very kind things have occurred in my life recently. But Hey! What’s new? Less than a week ago I was in a weather induced accident and totaled my 4 month old car. Her name was Jasmine and she was badass. R.I.P Jasmine.  I am of course grateful to have escaped this traumatic accident without a scratch, so maybe this isn’t one of my problems? IDK

Problem #2

I have been frequenting Booty Call again, and yes the sex is still life changing and yes he still doesn’t want a relationship. That’s my new year’s resolution down the drain before January is even over. What can I say… when I am heart broken, I get needy. We are so casual now that he literally texts other girls in front of me. I guess I can’t be mad because he is aware that I am on a constant husband hunt, but still. I try not to do it in front of him out of politeness. Not the case for him. Our relationship or hook up or whatever, has evolved into a strange friend booty call thing. Let’s call it FBC. I would say friends with benefits but I like to be original.

Problem #3

So I decided to make up with all my exes this year. I told dude who dumped me two days before Christmas that we were cool. I told Picky Eater that we should be friends. Even unblocked Hunting Cap. I have no idea why I did this but I just wanted to try and move on. Picky Eater disappointed me the most because we started off great and then right in the middle of a Walking Dead convo, he just ghosted me. Like dang haven’t the Grimes family been through enough, must you ghost a convo about them too? So I’m not really sure if this was a problem or just complaint.

Problem #4

Valentine’s Day!

Oh Lord! This day is going to be harsh this year. All my close friends are all loved up and will definitely have plans. I really want to go see the new fifty shades movie but all my friends will most likely be busy. I will just have to settle for taking my mom. My mom is super fun anyway and will pay for all the Movie Theater food for sure. If you go with a date there is always a 50% chance that you have to grab the tab.

Once again, I will have no one to call my own. I tried so hard to have a guy for V-day but life shakes out differently. If I get one nice text from a guy, I would be happy. Should I just take myself to a nice fancy dinner and be my own Valentine. Is that a thing? Can I do that? Should I get Cupids permission?

Either way I’ll be chilling alone.

Golden Rule: Try to leave the country for Valentine’s Day every year. Trust me it would be worth it.

Tips for dudes: Text at least one of your special ladies on V-day. It makes them feel loved or atleast strongly liked.