99 Problems and V-Day is one!

Hi Ladies, A lot of not very kind things have occurred in my life recently. But Hey! What’s new? Less than a week ago I was in a weather induced accident and totaled my 4 month old car. Her name was Jasmine and she was badass. R.I.P Jasmine.  I am of course grateful to have escaped this traumatic accident without a scratch, so maybe this isn’t one of my problems? IDK

Problem #2

I have been frequenting Booty Call again, and yes the sex is still life changing and yes he still doesn’t want a relationship. That’s my new year’s resolution down the drain before January is even over. What can I say… when I am heart broken, I get needy. We are so casual now that he literally texts other girls in front of me. I guess I can’t be mad because he is aware that I am on a constant husband hunt, but still. I try not to do it in front of him out of politeness. Not the case for him. Our relationship or hook up or whatever, has evolved into a strange friend booty call thing. Let’s call it FBC. I would say friends with benefits but I like to be original.

Problem #3

So I decided to make up with all my exes this year. I told dude who dumped me two days before Christmas that we were cool. I told Picky Eater that we should be friends. Even unblocked Hunting Cap. I have no idea why I did this but I just wanted to try and move on. Picky Eater disappointed me the most because we started off great and then right in the middle of a Walking Dead convo, he just ghosted me. Like dang haven’t the Grimes family been through enough, must you ghost a convo about them too? So I’m not really sure if this was a problem or just complaint.

Problem #4

Valentine’s Day!

Oh Lord! This day is going to be harsh this year. All my close friends are all loved up and will definitely have plans. I really want to go see the new fifty shades movie but all my friends will most likely be busy. I will just have to settle for taking my mom. My mom is super fun anyway and will pay for all the Movie Theater food for sure. If you go with a date there is always a 50% chance that you have to grab the tab.

Once again, I will have no one to call my own. I tried so hard to have a guy for V-day but life shakes out differently. If I get one nice text from a guy, I would be happy. Should I just take myself to a nice fancy dinner and be my own Valentine. Is that a thing? Can I do that? Should I get Cupids permission?

Either way I’ll be chilling alone.

Golden Rule: Try to leave the country for Valentine’s Day every year. Trust me it would be worth it.

Tips for dudes: Text at least one of your special ladies on V-day. It makes them feel loved or atleast strongly liked.


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