Warcraft Vs. Girlfriend

So Brad loves Warcraft. Is this a problem? Like I don’t think it is. I mean I really wish Warcraft was a person that I could reason with and try to equally share Brad. Let’s just say this week Warcraft has been winning. How do I even fight with a game that has Elves and Trolls?! Like I wish I was into it, so that I could be entranced in the magical battle land as well.

So what do girlfriends do when they’re boyfriends play Warcraft? The answer is watch and pout or don’t watch but still pout.

I’m gonna have to get a hobby or something………..oh right I’m a blogger lol.

Golden Rule: Fighting against Warcraft is a fight you will lose.

Tips For Guys: You’re probably all playing Warcraft right now, aren’t you?


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