My BF Is A Celebrity

Hi Ladies! I won something last week! What did I win? No it wasn’t the lottery, even though I wish! I won wristbands to the MMVA’s which is like the Canadian version of the VMA’s and it was awesome. I saw Artists like Halsey, Bebe Rexha, Meghan Trainor and Shawn Mendes. Who was the most talked about person on my Snap Chat? No, its wan’t Shawn Mendes…… it was my boyfriend lol.

I snapped a pic of me and Brad at the awards and he was pretty much all anyone asked me about. He was pretty much a celebrity that night. So he definitely stole the show. How are we doing? I would say pretty good. I still find him adorable, sexy and sweet….the trifecta. Its been 3 months since we started talking and it literally flew by. I feel like it was only yesterday that we had like just met and went on our first date but at the same time I’m so use to this person being in my life, it feels like he was always there.

Yeah, its been pretty good. When we are together we just laugh a lot.  We haven’t had any like arguments yet or anything. I guess we are still in our honey moon phase? I basically want to spend a significant amount of time with him but then I realize that I need to chill and let him have his space sometimes.

I’m really glad I met him and hope this awesomness continues. I deserve to be happy and so does he. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. (BTW Brett Kissel, a country music star was at the show and Brad really enjoyed that performance…. no surprise there lol)

Golden Rule: Enter more contests… you just might win!

Tips For Guys: Try to be adorable, sexy and sweet…… it’s working for  Brad.



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