Am I A Stalker?

So is it weird that I still look at the Instagram page and FB page of an ex? Remember that guy that dumped me 2 days before Christmas? He and his new girlfriend are getting on quite well and I’m totally hating. (Please see Sweet Nothings to get caught up) I find that like every 2 weeks I have this compulsion to go stare at their lives.  I just want to know how they are doing and if they are close to breaking up. I mean I don’t want them to break up or anything. Okay who am I kidding, I kind of do. He told me that he couldn’t be with me because he fell in love with someone else. Like when did you fall in love with someone else? The same time you were supposed to be falling for me? Am I not all consuming enough that you need to have two women on your roster at all times? Anyway I digress.

Every now and again I have an engagement scare. Like I think their engaged because I see a shadow of a ring on the wrong finger. So far no engagement but I need to prepare myself for when it does happen. I’m at that age now where exes get married and have kids after we break up.  I just know that it’s going to suck major for me when that happens. But you know congratulations to the happy freakin couple.

The other day I noticed from her Instagram page that he got her a Claddagh ring. This is like an Irish traditional ring. Apparently if the heart is pointing in, it means you’re taken and of course she had it pointing in. I only know this because I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer growing up and her vampire Boyfriend whose name is Angel got her one of those rings.

So current status is; jealous of a fictional character and a real girl for having a traditional Irish ring. Man, being single is hard.

Please see picture of the beautiful Claddagh ring below.

Golden Rule: Stay strong and don’t stalk your ex. It never ends well.

Tips for Guys: Get your girl a Claddagh ring, just do it.



One thought on “Am I A Stalker?

  1. Lol well yeah you kind of are a stalker(no disrespect) but don’t feel bad though alot of people do this. Hey it’s better to stalk someone’s social media then to follow them in person lol.
    Seems like to me you you wish you have a nice boyfriend and eventually marrige.
    With patience the time will come.
    Just focus on yourself and keep yourself busy. Best thing to do is to block their social media becuase looking at there social media page will keep reminding you of the pain.
    Hang with close friends, family, join a gym, a club, or a cooking class.
    At the end of the day heartbreak are more common than everlasting love unfortunately and most of us been just like you been hurt. But every failed relationship is a lesson that prepares you for the next one.
    It’s not easy being single but it is worth it. Find happiness being single and a relationship is fantastic but never depend on somebody else to make you happy. Find your own happiness through God.
    Wish your EX the best and just move on. I wish you luck

    Lol also in my opinion it’s hard to meet a decent gentleman online. Online dating sucks lol
    But I guess try I heard that was good but it cost money.
    Personally I think it’s better to meet people in person.
    Good luck to you
    Keep your head up


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