I’m A Slow Learner… but I Learn

Anyone notice the Game of Thrones reference there? That was said by The Lady of Winterfell herself,  Sansa Stark in the season 7 season finale. Sorry Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen it. Why haven’t you seen it yet anyway?

Maybe I’m still single because I’m a giant nerd. *shrugs* I thought it was easy for nerds to find love. lol

So when a guy goes cold turkey on you for a couple of days and you feel like absolute crap and assumes he’s lost interest in you, you’re probably right. After watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” this weekend and doing extensive research (googling guys behaviors), you kinda just figure it out.

Most guys assume that girls are clingy and we need all this attention. I`m sure if they see it from that perspective its hella exhausting. I would be annoyed too if I thought another person just mindlessly needed me to attend to them. However that`s not it at all. I feel like with girls… and trust me I have asked around, its more the connection that we need. We link communication with connection. We want to build on that and sustain it. What I notice is that most dudes don`t want a connection, especially when they point blank say “I don`t want a relationship / connection”. So lets get smarter and stop moping around. I am taking my own advice and is actively trying to be mope free lol.

My friends are so annoyed of me moping that they may stop being friends with me, thus I must shape up.

Pulling up my big girl trousers and is not going to mope when a connection that I thought was so important is slowly fading. Things happen as they`re suppose to, lets just accept it.

Golden Rule: Accept the bad with the good. It all comes together most of the time.

Tip for Guys: We want connection not mindless attention. If you think the girl is worth it, then build on your connection.




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