That moment when you figure out that being alone isn’t so bad when you are waiting for the right thing instead of being stuck in the wrong thing. Holy crap I have seen the light!

The problem with having someone you care about is that you know what that feeling is like. You know what it’s like to be connected to someone and have something special. You know how much fun you have with them. Those are all the things that make you sad when it’s gone; but better days are on the way.

This is just like when Dawson is with Joey and you think that’s the greatest relationship ever; and then boom Pacey and Joey happen. When they are together you realize what love is actually like.  Joey is a girl btw for the handful of people who didn’t watch Dawson’s creek. (weirdos) Go check out the hottie that plays Pacey. Sexaaay! Yup I just made a word up.

In other news… this is my online dating progress:

There are some great guys out there! Sheesh how am I not married already?

Golden Rule: Be Happy! Always!

Tips for Guys: Try to have a relationship like Pacey and Joey. It’ll be awesome!


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