Dazed and Confused

Dilemmas are always afoot in my life. Isn’t it hard when you are trying to make a decision but you still won’t get what you want? I want a relationship but it seems that the person I want it with isn’t feasible. He doesn’t want a relationship… ARGH! It’s weird when you think you have something special with someone and no one else does, including the other person. This sucks so badly.

I got comfortable. We know each other; we know what each other’s flaws and weaknesses are. Like it sucks so much now that I have to find someone who wants what I want when I don’t want to.  Are you following this? Am I not a whiney baby? lol

Can I just stop looking? Online dating is exhausting isn’t it? I think by the end of all my mental scholastics I am going to end up alone.

Why do we always want things we can’t have with someone who doesn’t think you are good enough for them.  As the famous and renowned jewel or our generation Selena Gomez once sang… “The Heart Wants What It Wants”

Please see Selena’s almost teary eyed pic below. That girl can cry on demand like nobody’s business. I love her!

Golden Rule: Whaaaaaaa!

Tips For Guys: When a good girl wants you; let her have you!



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