Just Hanging Out

Hey Ladies, How was your East long weekend? Mine was fabulous as I went to Vegas!!! It was wonderful. I had a seriously good time and Vegas is beautiful. If you ever have a chance to go please do. I partied so much that I lost my voice on my way back from all the screaming. I also went to the Magic Mike Show and let me tell you, those boys are fiiinnneeee.

In other news, tongue ring and I are still hanging out. Its been a month now and he has made it pretty clear that we aren’t a couple or exclusive. Like I’ve asked and that’s what he said lol. So basically we are just hanging out. Man is dating hard, I don’t even know if we are dating. Its been pretty exclusive for me on my end but not really sure whats happening on his. I’ll see where this takes us, but I’m pretty confused. Guys usually try to lock me down if they like me.

Golden Rule: Go To Vegas!!!

Tips for Guys: Define a relationship before the girl you are seeing gets confused.