Were you raised by wolves?

Now this seems to be a recurring theme but we must delve into the issue regardless. The first message that a guy sends to a girl is critical. We all know the “hey” or “hi” could be better. We would sure take that over “let’s go to Bruce peninsula for our first date” (refer to earlier post “Serial Kill Me Why Don’t You?”)(look at us already having inside jokes). Regardless of what you say first to a lady, make is something at least tolerable. So the catalyst of this post is a young man who thought he could address me as a “gyal” on our first encounter. Now for those of you not familiar with Caribbean culture, this word is not the most endearing way to address  a lady. In fact, according to urban dictionary (clutch):  the word “gyal” pronounced Gee-Yal (one syllable), Used by Caribbean people (or fools who think they’re cool) for “girl”, “lady” or “female”.  I am so happy that the writer of the very prestigious and multifaceted urban dictionary included “fools who think they’re cool” because I honestly could not have put it better myself. Please feel free to look this up yourself. It’s on the internet which makes all definitions from that dictionary totally legit. So without further a due please see the following actual bone head that addressed me as a gyal. A guy that addresses a girl as a gyal right out of the gate has not issues calling you a ‘ho” (not the garden tool), a bitch or my least favorite c*nt. I know you may think I am going a bit overboard, but if that’s the first thing that comes to his mind when he sees a girl that may potentially be the “one”. What would he address a “ho” as then?…… beautiful. Maybe it was opposite day and I was not informed.

Let’s say this guy was just trying to be funny, to get my attention. Then please put a “jk” after, like the entire English speaking world does when we are making a joke.  Regardless of what this guy was thinking, I was over him before he got a second sentence in.

Golden Rule: Ladies don’t reply to just anything, an ill-mannered guy is an un-date-able guy!

Tips for guys: Just go with “Hi” or “Hey Beautiful” (works like a charm)



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