Mr. Rude Guy

So we all have that guy who messages us and we do not message them back. Sure they don’t say anything outrageous like “Wanna see my balls?” but they are just not your type. So what do we do? We freeze them out; we read their message and simply never reply (fully aware that they can see that we have read their message).  Us ladies at times think that this is nicer than replying “not that into you”. So of course when I am practicing this age old tradition (known as ghosting) I get called out for it by a not so lovely gentleman.

not-nice-guyLike everyone does this guy, why the hell are you talking to me about it?  Also the thought never crossed your mind that I was super not interested in you and thus did not reply to your very low energy salutation. Nope it didn’t occur to him, it did occur to him to be rude though. Also just for the record I didn’t even look at this guy’s profile and I did not dignify his rudeness with a response. I didn’t even want to bring up the fact that his headline, “A need A nice and caring girl” is the opposite of English or grammar. Nope didn’t bring that up at all. I think that made me the bigger person in this scenario, don’t you?

Golden Rule: If I don’t like you, I won’t respond………….. no hard feelings?

Tips for guys: Please refrain from being rude!


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