The Art Of Love And War

HI ladies! There has been some major developments in my relationship and needless to say, you have to be caught up. Brad and I are approaching the one year mark, and at this point he is one of my best friends. I tell him everything and I can’t wait to tell him stuff as soon as it happens. He is apart of my life now, imagining life without him is hard. He’s helped me through a lot of tough times and is a strong partner.

On the other hand of this, I have a member of my family whom is at odds with Brad. We got into a situation where Brad thinks the actions of my family member is wrong and called him out on it. My family member decided that he wasn’t wrong and held his ground. The aftermath of that friction is that the relationship between these two are over. This sucks for me as any form of contention between your significant other and family is going to make family gatherings reeeaallll awkward.

Needless to say this caused some friction between myself and that family member.

If you’ve been following along with my blogs (If not, please go binge read), you know that Brad is my first real serious partner. It breaks my heart to know that, me finally being happy, means nothing to this particular family member. Regardless of this drama, Brad and I are going strong but it just super sucks.

Other than that, I find myself really missing Brad a lot throughout the week when we don’t see each other that much. At times I feel like I’m too much and I must remember to pull  back. I don’t want to scare him away or over whelm him. Do I want too much attention? Yes, yes I do, I want all the attention. Will Brad give me that much? No, he won’t and I need to adjust. I’m still learning and adjusting, please give me some time to get this right.

Golden Rule: When its Family Vs. BF, logic wins. Stick by who was actually right and time will work it out.

Tips for Guys: Don’t get into a fight with your GF’s family and if your GF misses you, its because she love you. Deal with it.


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