A Shared Life

Hey Ladies,

All your positive vibes worked as I’m in a far better place than I was in a couple weeks ago. I’ve currently taken on an interesting work opportunity where I learn a lot. For example I learned that if you are so overwhelmed at work that you’re about to cry, quickly run to the bathroom and cry. That’s it, that’s all I’ve learned.

No but seriously my job is intense. I’m literally just trying to keep my shit together while being swallowed by mountains of work. It doesn’t help that I work with some very nice people and a few office monsters. I’ll stop complaining because I’m learning how to adult the hard way. I hear that usually prepares you well for life and all it’s shit. Anyway I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop with what’s currently happening.

The love bubble however is not happening at work, it happens on the weekends when me and my hunny have sex marathons. lol JK. It’s more like walking dead marathons and hot sex in between. It’s been about 10 months that we have been together and I must say, It’s pretty refreshing knowing what a real relationship is like. Where no one is perfect and we have to grow and learn with both our faults.

Sometimes it’s so scary that it’s been so long but honestly I couldn’t imagine my life without him at this point. He’s my best friend and on the weekend he’s my stress reliever. He makes me feel safe and warm and like my life is full of all this brightness. When work brings me down which it often does, my hunny always makes me feel better, when we are together I call it our love bubble.

Love bubble….. yeah I’m corny now and I’m ready to settle down.

You know what he said to me like a week ago? Of course you don’t, let me tell you.

He said we “shared a life” which is the first time a human man has ever said that to me. Of course as soon as he said that I had a flash forward to a having two kids and Range Rover, but then I chilled lol.

Golden Rule: If you have to cry at work, run to the bathroom.

Tips for guys: If you see a girl urgently run to the bathroom at work, she’s either about to cry or has had a menstrual accident.


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