How Cute am I supposed to be?

Hey Ladies, am I the only one wondering what our profile pics should be on these dating sites? Is it like a pic where I am smiling or pouting? Should I be doing yoga or a keg stand? Who really knows?  So I thought the golden rule was to have a pic of your face and then your body. However I find some girls just put up a pic of themselves in yoga pants and that usually gets the job done. To each their own but let’s get down to the meat and potatoes…. the actual profile.  Do you like to ski and be outdoorsy? (Is that even a word?) Do you like movies and is a T.V show fanatic? (Netflix and chill maybe) What are your interests? Do you say world peace or who is going to be the next American Idol? And here comes my favorite question. What’s your perfect date? (“That’s a tough one. I’d have to say April 25th. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket”.… sorry Ms. Congeniality quote, I just had to do it). So what are your perfect date’s ladies? Is it a walk on the proverbial beach?, is it a chat over coffee? So you both can enjoy each other’s coffee breath?

First Date

Well from personal experience, never go to a bar, the whole thing can go terribly wrong. See painful story below;

So I had a strategy all planned out. My friend and her boyfriend would go ahead to the bar. She saw his pic and knew what she was looking for. They got a seat close to him so that when I came they would be able to see me and save me if necessary. So she goes ahead and gives me the A-Okay that he is not a creep. I enter the bar looking all cute. I see him; he is super cute and nervous. I sit down and we start to chat. We order my favorite thing from the pub and we decide to share. We also both start off with one cider each. (I am a sucker for Cider….who’s with me? No one? Oh okay.) So cider gets me tipsy pretty quick. Within half an hour I tell my friends that I am cool.  They leave us all alone. We are chatting and laughing and somehow sitting on the same side of the booth. Next thing I know we are making out….like embarrassingly making out in this pub. So I suggest with my big mouth that we should probably take this party to his car. This is of course, 3 ciders in and I am not myself (at least that’s what I tell myself).  We get to his car and all hell broke loose. We start making out hard and all types of other stuff happen. Long story short, it went way too far on the first date and then after I got home, the guy barely texted me again.

Golden Rule: Basically I found out that a guy really isn’t interested in a girl that gives anything away on the first date. I find that guys like the chase. At least that is my experience. Tell me about your own experiences below, bloggers need advice too!


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