Time To Grow Up

Hi Ladies!

So this post is about being terrified. Brad and I are very happy together and are looking to make the next move. Which is running away and joining the circus! Jk Jk.

It’s moving in together. It’s getting a place together. This means buying a place. So like I already did that, but with my mom like 3 years ago. Since then, all hell has broke lose and my credit isn’t the best. I’ve had some pretty bad luck with accidents and cars which have led to my Credit Cards all being used. Saying all that, Brad is absolutely spotless. Not a drop of debt or shame to his name.

We are yin and yang, light and dark, tall and short…. you get it.

So tomorrow, Brad would like to go see a mortgage agent to see about purchasing a home. Needless to say, I am freaking out. I feel as though all my issues will lower our odds of having a great mortgage.

I’m also scared that Brad will see me in a negative light. I have shared some of my finances with him but it’s different when a professional lays it all out.

On the bright side, I know what I need to do. But do I have time? I want Brad and I to be on the same timeline. I wanna be his perfect Girl but Ofcourse life isn’t perfect.

Send me good vibes and good advice. I’m gonna hardcore pray tonight.

Tomorrow is gonna be hard.

Golden Rule: Credit Cards are the devil, stay away from them.

Tips for guys: Go easy on your GF and her debt. She’s trying her best.


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