14 Days Until Christmas!

Deck The Halls Ladies! Its Christmas time! Okay, so you definitely already knew that. Its one of my favorite times a year where you get to spend time with loved ones and eat some good food. Its been a rocky December with some troubles coming out of nowhere with  my day job. But, everything happens for a reason and I’m moving upwards and on wards!

Brad and I are still going strong and I’m so thankful for all his support! He’s been an absolute sweety. I even dragged him to the Christmas Market. Don’t we all just love making our Boyfriend’s do things they don’t wanna do. lol. Needless to say he didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I did!  In his defense, it is quite cold for outside activities. I mean my face was numb, I have no idea why its so cold….. oh yeah, its winter.

During this time, I guess the big question is what to get your new BF for Christmas. Do you know exactly what to get someone after 6 months of dating? Well I don’t know the answer to that question. I bought a couple of gifts, if he likes them I’ll let you know. I think he will. As we spend so much time together that its hard to miss what someone likes in general.

I’ll offer some gift ideas ladies, I’ll be Mrs. Claus for a quick minute.

  1. Motorcycle Jacket (Not a motorcycle, because those are dangerous)
  2. A Video Game (If he’s into that sort of thing, buy one you’ll enjoy as well as you’ll be watching him play it a lot)
  3. A Google Home (Everyone’s got one now a days)
  4. Puppies! (This is a shared gift!)
  5. Winter Attire (Scarf, Gloves or Warm Hugs)
  6. Anything Star Wars (Robots of R2D2 are in Best Buy, I kid you not!)
  7. A handmade coupon book for hugs and kisses (lets face it girl! You are the best gift he could ever hope for)

That’s all I got folks! I’ll let you know how it goes when Brad finally meets all my family members at Christmas dinner. I expect to have some fun stories to report back to you!

Golden Rule: Go to the Christmas market with your BF, its fun and festive.

Tips For Guys: Take her to the Christmas market man, she really wants to go. Just bundle up!


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